Update 9-13-21

Indoor In-Person Worship at First UMC Graham resumed on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021

9am Contemporary Worship-The Well

10 am Discipleship Hour (some groups have resumed meeting in person)

11am Traditional Worship

We are requiring masks to be worn in worship. Our priority has been to keep us connected so that we may live into our discipleship through worship, connect, serve and give. We’ve been able to do this for the first year of the pandemic thanks to the gifts of technology. In late March we returned to in-person worship, and as the opportunity came for more people to receive vaccinations against Covid we cautiously took one step at a time toward the new normal for gathering in indoor spaces with a large crowd. In June we moved to saying masks were recommended but no longer required. This was based on research that suggested vaccinated people were not spreading the coronavirus. Those who work with children are required to wear masks, since children do not have the opportunity to be vaccinated and therefore are most at risk. Now research is suggesting that even those vaccinated may shed the Delta variant of the virus, which is much more contagious, though so far, no more deadly. That means that asymptomatic people, even vaccinated people, may unknowingly give the virus to others. Masks are the best way yet to minimize shedding the virus and unknowingly causing someone else harm. John Wesley’s three rules are first, do no harm. do good, and stay in love with God. Masks are one of the ways we can do no harm.

Online Worship

Online worship will also continue at 9am and 11am on Sundays with with our livestream worship services. Some meetings continue being held via Zoom, others are in person. 

Play School has reopened

Play School has reopened and is still accepting applications. For more information, contact Tracy Johnson at or 336-227-9148 (direct line) or 336-226-4343 Ext. 117