sunday school /discipleship hour

children and youth classes

Our Discovery Kids children's Sunday school program starts at 10am and includes fun activities that are centered on the weekly scripture theme. Each week, children are given take-home resources to help spark faith conversations with their families. Our youngest children, the Seekers, are cared for each week by our staff Nursery Caregivers, Candice Harrod and Jeanne Owen, along with church volunteers. Class names and groupings are below:

Seekers (room 121): Infant - 2 yrs olds

Discoverers (room 120): 2, 3, and young 4-yr-olds

Pathfinders (room 115): older 4  & 5-yr-olds & Kindergarten

Pioneers (room 211): 1st & 2nd grades

Explorers (room 209): 3rd - 5th grades

Contact: Brian Yoder

Youth Classes (6th-12th Grade) - Contact: Paul Abbott

REFUGE Sunday School in Middle & High School is an opportunity to discuss relevant issues and to grow in knowledge of the Bible and its history. We seek to equip individuals with a foundation of faith and understanding through scripture reading, video lessons, research, conversation, and sharing of personal experiences and stories.  We meet in rooms 206-206B.

adult sunday school classes

Most meet in between our contemporary and traditional services from 10am—10:45am

Gordon Painter Class (room 102) – Contact: Eric Crissman

Composed of married couples and singles of various ages, we promise a warm and personal welcome. We strive to study God’s Word and learn better how to apply it to our lives. We support each other and our Church family as we share joys and sorrows in various types of fellowship. We also raise money to provide funds for various mission outreach projects. 

Faith Journeys Class (room 104) – Contact: J.J. Kelley

Composed of singles, married couples, younger, and older families we are a mission minded group. We participate in our own and church wide fundraising projects throughout the year. Every second Sunday of the month we have a covered dish breakfast to intentionally grow in our fellowship with one another. Our Bible studies are interactive, round-table discussions. Each new member brings something new to the group.

Men’s Bible Class (room 116) – Contact: Jimmy Linens

Our class is made up of a small group of senior adult men. We use the Adult Bible Studies for lessons to study God’s Word.

T. J. Whitehead Class (room 132) – Contact: Theron Few

This class is a close and supportive group of mature couples and singles. We use the Adult Bible Series and encourage open discussion in our class. Our class is mission-minded and supports our Church in all its outreach projects. Where there is a need, we are always ready to help. We believe that we grow in our faith not only through service, but also through fellowship and fun. We take annual trips to the mountains and beach, and we hold dinners and other get-togethers. We feel that it is through study, service, support, fellowship, and fun that we truly show the love of Jesus Christ to those with whom we come in contact.

Reflections (room 114) – Contact: Lindy Halverson

Are you looking for a place to connect with other adults after the 9am worship service?  Would you like to discuss what you just heard in Pastor Claire's sermon?  The Reflections small group may be what you are looking for!!!  Grab some refreshments from our coffee shop and join Tom & Lindy Halverson in room 114.

New Horizons Class (room 210) – Contact: Marilyn Perkey

Our class is consists of singles and couples who seek to relate God's word from the Bible to daily life. We use contemporary video and books in our lessons. We are involved in several mission projects including monthly contributions to Allied Churches, supporting our church’s work with the students and families at South Graham Elementary, and A Giving Tree in Stafford Hall at Christmas. We also sponsor spaghetti lunches each year to raise money for scholarships awarded in the spring to college students.