Please feel free to email us for answers to your more specific questions: womensretreat2020@earthlink.net


Do I need to have read the books beforehand?


No. The retreat is separate from the books themselves. If you are interested, all of Sharon’s books will be available at the retreat at discount.


Can I just read the books on my own, without being in a book club?


Yes, of course! While joining with a friend or two will enrich your experience, you can certainly enjoy and benefit from reading the novels and going through the study guides on your own.


What do I need to bring?


Please bring your Bible and something to write with. We will have a program booklet for you with the day’s schedule and blank pages for taking notes.


What if it turns out that I can’t come. Can I get a refund?


No, but if there’s a waiting list, we can arrange for you to sell your ticket to the next person in line.


Will there be child care?


Please arrange childcare yourself. You may want to get together with friends who are also attending and pay a sitter to keep your children for the day.


Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Please contact us at womensretreat2020@earthlink.net to make arrangements.   

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