for children 3 years old - Kindergarten

Does your youngster feel like Goldilocks sometimes…an hour long worship service is “too big”, but the nursery is “too small?”  Allow us to introduce Wiggler Worship…it is “just right!” 

Here’s how it works:

Come worship together as a family at the  9am service. After the Sharing Faith Time, children ages three through Kindergarten are invited to leave for Wiggler Worship. Our Wiggler Worship Coordinator and a Safe Sanctuary trained adult are standing at the side door with the “Wiggler Worship” sign.

Wigglers leave for their own worship time in room 118 which includes:

  • Worship songs with movement
  • Bible Story
  • Prayer

Just as their "sitting still" capability reaches its max, the Wigglers enjoy free play time in their room.

This is how the story ends…you leave the worship service inspired, pick up your equally inspired Wiggler in Room 118, and live happily ever after! If your family is staying for Sunday school after the 9am service, no problem!! Wiggler helpers will escort your child to their classroom, so you don’t have to. Enjoy that extra cup of coffee as you move to your own small group space.

P.S. By the time your youngster is in 1st grade, we encourage you to keep them with you for the entire worship service. It is a special and holy time to be together as a family.