Advent/Christmas Calendar of Events

Dec. 3—First Sunday of Advent

    9&11am   Worship: Back Door Guests-The Gossips (Luke 1:26-28)

    4 pm         Churchwide Advent Celebration

                      (Decorating; Soup and Sandwich Meal)

Dec. 5            

    11:30 am   Young In Heart Christmas Luncheon

                        (Reservation Deadline Nov 30th)

Dec. 10—Second Sunday of Advent

    9&11am    Worship: Back Door Guests—Herod’s Soldiers

                       (Mark 1:1-8)

Dec. 14 

    6pm         Church  wide Christmas Celebration

                     (formerly Banquet)Ticket Deadline Dec 10th

Dec. 17—Third Sunday of Advent

    9&11am   Worship: Back Door Guests—Innkeeper

                       (John 1:6-8, 19-28)

    10 am      Prayer and Anointing in Stafford Hall

    7 pm         Festival of Carols at Graham Presbyterian Church

Dec. 19

    8:30 am    Gift Wrapping for Residential Treatment Center

Dec. 24—Fourth Sunday of Advent/ Christmas Eve

    10 am     Worship: Back Door Guests—Shepherds

                     (Luke 1:46b-55) (one service)

    4 pm       Family Christmas Eve in the Barn

                    (location - Dinner Bell Farm, Snow Camp, NC)

    11pm      Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion in the Sanctuary

Dec. 31—First Sunday after Christmas Day

    9&11am   Worship: Back Door Guests—Joseph and Mary

                      (Luke 2:22-40)

    10 am      Fifth Sunday Fellowship in Stafford Hall

                      (Bring a Christmas Goodie to share.)